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Tip Tuesday: PPC Checklist

We have helped a lot of business owners that have started and managed their own PPC campaigns but did not know what went wrong.

Quick tips to avoid these small mistakes:

  • Check the negative keywords both ad group level and campaign level
    Make sure that you are not blocking any good keywords.
  • Check landing page
    Make sure that the content of the landing page is relevant with the campaign including the keywords.
  • Check contact information
    Make sure that your contact form is working properly and recipient is able to receive the incoming emails. Also, check the phone number; make sure it is active and connected.
  • Check URL destination
    Make sure that you are driving potential customers to the right landing page, even worse, driving potential customers to a none existing page.
  • Check ad copy
    Make sure that your ad copy is relevant to the landing page

When creating a new campaign it is important to always check every aspect! It is time consuming, however it will be rewarding knowing that your campaign is performing good!

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