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Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 2

Social Media Marketing Pasadena : This post is a continuation of Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 1 On the Facebook insights tab, you can also see external referrers and Likes which will help you in broadening your fan base. External referrers – If all you see is google on... 

Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 1

Social Media Marketing Santa Monica – Facebook has bumped up their analytics feature so that it is easier to increase your fans by using the Facebook insights tab. With the new analytics features, fan page owners are able to view key statistics to optimize posts and figure out their specific... 

3 Different Types of Facebook Shares

Social Media Marketing Glendale : When you are trying to get your fans or visitors to share some kind of content, there are 3 different ways you can ask (or force) them to share: Soft Share – when people are reminded to share the content with their family and friends.... 

For Some Industries, Social Media Doesn’t Mean Anything!

Social media marketing West Covina :  Now that I have your attention, read the rest of this post for the full explanation…. Sure, having a lot of likes, followers, shares and retweets look good, and it is also an indication that people like your content and deem it worthy of... 

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