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Going Beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing

When you say the word “search engines” the first thoughts that come to mind for most are Google, Yahoo and Bing. But what about the other search engines that live on the Internet? Since Google, Yahoo and Bing sit in the top three positions in the land of search engines (with Google being the King of Kings) there is pretty much no reason for anyone to use the others right? That is a loaded question. Most of the less popular search engines actually pull their search results from all the search engine kingpins making your site automatically visible in these engines once your pages are recognized and indexed in the top three.

So Who Are the Other Guys?

Here is a list of other search engines that pull from the top three:


AOL Search
MySpace Search
Compuserve Search





Ms. Dewey

There are, however a few more major search engines that may not perfor as well as the top three, but still attract more attention than the search engines that feed off of Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are as follows:

Alexa Internet

I personally think that Alexa holds a strong 4th place and offers tools that only Google itself can rival. These search engines are still used by many faithfully even though many have NEVER heard of them. We all have our own preferences so I say stick to what works for you. Listings that are search positions that are created in the top three will show up in the little guys anyway.

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