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One Thing Your Business Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

The buzz today (and for a while now) has been all about the Kardashians. Specifically, Kim. Being in the media all the time has got to get tiring. I would like to say that I believed her marriage to Chris Humphries would last, but of course it didn’t. I guess the real question you should be asking yourself is how you can learn from Kim Kardashian. How or why has Kim become the most talked about celebrity today? How does she seem to outlast the other heiresses like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie?

One of the major reasons why Kim K is so popular is because of the way she brands herself. Branding is a tricky thing to do sometimes. But, if done correctly, can make or break a company, or in this case, a persona. For the most part, branding is how people see or perceive you.

Kim is perceived as a sex symbol, rich, famous and good looking. A business woman with power. Somehow, someway, everyone knows who she is and can’t help but talk about her. When people buy her products, like her clothing line, they aren’t buying it because it is made better than other clothes. They want to be like Kim.

People want to do business or consume products by companies that they like or want to be a part of. How does your brand stand out? How do people perceive you?

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