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SEO Tips for your Business Facebook Page : Increase Search Engine Exposure Today Part 2

Now that you’ve created your Facebook Fan Page, you have to promote your FB Page as part of  your online marketing strategy.

1. Add a Social Media Plugin to your Website

Make your website visitors aware that your business exists on Facebook! Add a Social Media Plugin to your Website with a call to action, for example, “Fan us on Facebook for Exclusive Deals”. This way, you’ll direct traffic back and forth between your Facebook Page and your website. Having a strong fan base is pivotal because more than half of Facebook users are likely to purchase a product or service from a company they are Fans of, and 60% will recommend that business to a friend (http://emarketer.com/). If you’re an E-Commerce business, Facebook presents another avenue besides your website to directly sell your products to consumers. Did someone say Cha-Ching???

2. Use keywords in your status updates

Everytime you submit a status update, use keywords that  are specific to your industry and business. Google ranks Facebook Pages, if you update your Page regularly and use keyword rich content throughout your Page, your search engine ranking for your Page, as well as any websites that you link back to will increase over time.

3. SEO Your Pictures and Videos

Have a cool picture or video you would like to share with your Fans? Don’t forget to change the name of the picture or video to one that contains valuable keywords as well as your business name. Search engine optimized pictures and videos are incredible for search engine page rank.

4. Add Your blog to Your Facebook Page

If you don’t already have a blog, this is me telling you—>create a blog…NOW!!! 🙂

Blogs, are great for search engine ranking on specific keywords while giving you an opportunity to connect with your customers. Anyone can subscribe to your blog and be constantly updated about any new products/services being offered by your business. You can also ensure that your Facebook Fans are updated as well by automatically syncing your blog entries to your Facebook.

The easiest way to do this is:

1. Go to Your Facebook Page.

2. Go to the “Notes” Tab

3. On the left hand side, you will see an option to import RSS Feeds

4. Enter the URL to your blog and presto—you’re done

Stay tuned for  my next post on “How to Get Creative with your Facebook Fan Page – Stand Out From Competing Businesses”. Happy Tuesday Everyone! 🙂

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