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Improve Your SEO with Unique Content

Just like when broadcasting was invented, the internet is a new medium for people to distribute and deliver information to the masses. And just like you don’t really want to watch the same shows over and over again, nobody on the internet wants to read the same articles over and... 

Tip Tuesday: Image Optimization for Search Engine Inclusion

Images are a powerful tool for your web site. They not only help to tell a story or give you visual of the point being made, but they are also another tool used to find your web site and its pages. People have asked me on numerous occasions why I... 

Tip Tuesday: SEO Tips for your Business Facebook Page : Increase Search Engine Exposure Today

1 .Use your Business’s Real Name, as presented in the offline world, for the title of your Facebook Page. Although you may be highly tempted to use a title, rich in keywords specific to your industry, using the actual name of your business will gain you better SEO results over... 

Are Your Links Optimized Correctly on Your Web Site?

When SEO began to gain attention as a valuable tool in online marketing, there were many techniques used to establish strong search engine positions that just don’t fly today. One example is how you build the links on your web site. An old SEO trick when optimizing your interior links... 

The Worth of Organic SEO

Search engine Optimization (SEO) has gained a lot of ground in the past decade do to the fact that many businesses and web site owners are beginning to recognize the importance of it. I’ve had several conversations with people that were mind boggled as to why their great web site... 

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