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The Importance of the Right Landing Page

Each pay-per-click (PPC) ad features a destination URL:

When a potential customer clicks on a PPC ad, she is taken to your website. The destination URL is the URL of the specific page that she’s taken to. This page is called the landing page.

It’s important to choose the most relevant landing page for your PPC ad, which is to say, the page that features the content that the customer is looking for. If the page doesn’t have the content she’s looking for, she only has to click her mouse to find another website.

Let’s say you sell shoes. You have a page devoted to orthopedic shoes, but you also have a home page with links to all of your pages.

If I’m looking for orthopedic shoes, and I click on your ad, I want to go immediately to a page that features orthopedic shoes. If you send me to your home page, I may click on the orthopedic-shoes link. Or I may hit the back button and try another website.

If your business’s website is not structured so that each product or service has its own dedicated landing page, you should consider restructuring it — it’s well worth the time and energy.

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