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Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 1

Social Media Marketing Santa Monica – Facebook has bumped up their analytics feature so that it is easier to increase your fans by using the Facebook insights tab.

With the new analytics features, fan page owners are able to view key statistics to optimize posts and figure out their specific areas of opportunity. If you take a look at the insights, you will see that page owners are now able to see:

  • How many users they have (read) reached for each post
  • How many users are “talking” about the post
  • Virality – the percentage of people who liked or shared the post
  • Engages users – people who have clicked on your post

By analyzing this data, you will be able to determine which posts work best (in terms of virality) and what times your fans are using Facebook. If you have a better idea of when your posts are more likely to go viral and by who, you can greatly increase the chances of someone else liking your fan page.

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