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What’s a Keyword, Anyway?

Pay Per Click Culver City : If you’ve worked with a search engine marketer to build your brand or business, you’ve probably talked about keywords.

Your campaign starts with keyword research. That research suggests an appropriate keyword strategy. Executing your strategy involves keyword optimization. Keyword ranking reports help gauge a campaign’s effectiveness.

If you’re thinking it’s important to understand keywords in order to work more effectively with a search engine marketer, you’re right. Here’s a basic definition:

A keyword is one or more words someone might type into a search engine in order to find your business, product or service online.

So a keyword is often a phrase rather than a single word. That phrase or ‘search query’ often expresses a need, as in ‘I need to find a hardware store near Topeka, Kansas’. In this case, a plausible keyword might be

hardware store topeka

This keyword is typical in that it’s simple, direct, and expresses a desire to solve a problem. If you own a hardware store near Topeka, Kansas, you can solve that problem. You want to stand up and say ‘Hey, I run a great hardware store near Topeka. Let’s talk!’

In this sense, a keyword is much more than a search query someone might type or a term you emphasize on your web pages. It’s the statement of a problem and a request for help in solving that problem.

If you can position your business as that solution in the exact moment someone is searching for it online – via keywords typed into a search engine, remember – you’re in an extremely strong position to gain a customer. Properly understood, keywords can be the matchmakers which bring your business and your customers together.

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