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Shay Kalmonovich

911 Restoration CEO


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Jack Pierce

Quick Pick Locksmith


“Milestone SEO definitely came through for us. We were originally spending money on Google AdWords and Yahoo PPC and barely making a profit. Milestone SEO improved and optimized our site to obtain rankings. We now have top rankings on all our major keyword phrases, have discontinued all paid advertising and have massively improved our sales results and revenues.”

Our experience with Milestone SEO has been excellent and we highly recommend them.

Owner – Moshe Schachur


“We are very impressed with your work and our standings. We noticed a difference immediately once you started your optimization services. I did a random search, and we were number on in many top search engines.”

Owner – Frank Battaglia

PS: In December, we hit all time new levels in sales, and they keep coming in. We had to hire new people just fill the incoming requests!