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Case Study: The Benefits of Using One Marketing Firm

Marketing dollars are a precious resource, especially for medium sized businesses and smaller franchisees. Where are your marketing dollars best spent? Why should you use a single agency to handle your marketing? What benefits can your business gain when using a single marketing agency.

Milestone SEO has worked hand in hand with 911 Restoration for ten years. We’ve learned a few things about the benefits a business, a multi-location business, or a franchisor can get by using one marketing agency.

Here is what we learned:

Cost Per Lead Reduction

Using a single marketing agency drives down your cost per lead. The less you spend on a lead and the more leads your business generates higher income. Franchisees that use different marketing agencies to handle their marketing often have a higher cost per lead and generate less income for their franchisor.


When you use a single marketing agency to handle all your marketing both the franchisee and franchisor are able to obtain valuabe knowledge. Knowledge like the cost per lead versus the cost of a job and sales performance. This knowledge allows both the franchisee and franchisor to control and contain costs while maximizing profits.

Guidance and Support

When you use a single marketing agency for all franchisees that marketing agency is able to guide and support your franchisees. That guidance and support translates into your franchisees being able to meet and exceed their goals. That, in turn, means increase profit and growth potential for everyone.

Overlapping Campaign Prevention

Oftentimes, franchisees in nearby areas over-lap their marketing efforts. This means that your franchisees cannibalize each other, compete against each other for the same customer, drive down the quality of of their services, and reduce everyone’s profit potential.

When you use a single marketing agency, that agency is able to craft campaigns that target customers for specific franchisees, reducing overlapping campaigns and intra-franchise competition. That keeps your franchisees happy and increases profits.

Google Loves You and Your Franchisees

Google is the field we all must play on when it comes to effective internet marketing. When you use a single marketing agency to handle multiple franchises. Google treats you and your ads differently. You gain access to personalized service from Google Representives. Your franchisees will also gain insights into their marketing campaigns and invites to special betas.

Fraud Prevention

Coordinated fraud prevention means that your franchisees will be spending money on real advertising with real results. In the last month alone, Milestone SEO was able to recover roughly $6,000 caused by fraudulent clicks. That is $6,000 that would have otherwise been wasted.

Together We Are Stronger

Using a single marketing agency as the voice of your franchisees is good for business. A single internet marketing agency will help your franchisees achieve their goals and increase profits for the franchisor.

It is common sense really. One man or woman can be strong, but he or she is never stronger than a group of people.

We are stronger and better together.