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Facebook Geo Tool May Transform Online Marketing

Here’s a great article I found on how Facebook’s “check-in” will effectively change online marketing (namely for brick and mortar shop).

Facebook’s decision to launch a geographic location tool that allows users to map exactly where they are whenever they post status updates, will likely transform online marketing and advertising.

Social media experts point out that Facebook is likely to significantly increase its advertising revenue, as the new “Facebook Places” location tool will allow for marketing campaigns that are targeted at specific users to become more effective than ever before.

Professor John Pliniussen of Queen’s University in Canada noted that the new Facebook app is nothing short of a “marketer’s dream.”

Those who sign up for the app will have their location tracked at any given point in the day. This will not only allow friends to keep in touch much more easily, but will also provide businesses with a means of knowing exactly where their prospective clients are at any given time.

The app is currently available to Facebook’s mobile users, which means that companies with a well-developed digital strategy will be able to more effectively market their products and services to some 150 million social media users.

The app tracks whenever Facebook users enter a shopping centre, cinema, restaurant or any other public establishment.

Pliniussen and other social media experts note that this will allow Facebook friends to get together for “impromptu meetings,” as they will see which of their friends are closest.

The only drawback at the moment is that Facebook has opted to launch its geo app in the United States, and will likely wait to see how well it works before extending this to social media users in other countries.

Source: http://www.bluhalo.com/news/view/8039/facebook-geo-tool-may-transform-online-marketing

– I don’t this this app will have a huge impact on e-commerce and service businesses. Customers for these types of businesses can be anywhere (and will most likely be home). But, like mentioned, for restaurants, retail stores, and the like, this can prove to be a huge game changer.

Thanks to bluhalo.com for the article.

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