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Add Broad Match Modifier to Your Campaign!

Is your broad match keywords generating too many impressions with less or no conversion at all?

Last year, Google introduced a new Adwords feature called broad match modifier, a broad match keyword with (+) sign in front of it. This new feature allows more targeted broad match, yet still targeting wider reach than phrase and exact match.

If your broad match keyword is generating too many impressions with no clicks and conversions, it would be a good idea to use modified broad match.

To add a modified broad match, simply add the (+) sign to your broad match keywords.
For example:
+blue shirt     broad

It is also good idea to add modified broad match when you are only using phrase match and exact match. Instead of just adding the (+) sign to the word blue, I would recommend applying the (+) sign to both words.
For example:
+blue +shirt     broad

It’s important to check the performance of your campaign especially that particular keyword(s) after the changes have been made, for example: clicks, cost per click, CTR, conversions, etc. When you see improvement with the modified broad, continue using it.

Don’t be afraid to test!

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