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Optimize Your Campaign for Different Goals

Optimization is the process of creating and editing keywords and ad text and adjusting other parts of our clients account to improve ad performance. It helps lower our clients’ cost, improve their return in investment(ROI), get more traffic and better leads, or accomplish any of their other advertising goals.

Account Goal: Return on Investment

The way to measure your ROI is your CPC and Conversion Rate. There are a few tips to increase your RIO:

Keyword Tips:

Adding negative keywords

Delete duplicated keywords

Optimize low performing keywords to increase ROI

Ad Text Tips:

Use call to action phrase to entice people to click

Understand the buying cycle

Choose to most relevant landing pages

Bidding and Budget Tips:

Adjust keyword bids for better ROI

Budget according to performance

Use conversion optimizer or more conversions at a lower cost

Ad scheduling to automatically change bids throughout the day


Account Goal: Click Through Rate (CTR)

Ad Text Tips: (differentiate your client from others)

Include unique selling points

Write a compelling headline

Use a descriptive display url

Ad text should reflect your keywords’ theme

Targeting Tips:




Account Goal: Increasing Conversion

Ad Text Tips:

Keyword prominently displayed

Clear call to action

Inter-capitalized URL

Keyword Tips:

Search terms report: find relevant keywords

Keyword tool: refine and expand your list

Keyword matching: test your options

Targeting and Budget Tips:

Evaluate your potential reach

Use site links to provide additional information

Use insights for search to refine your campaign targeting


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