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The Structure of a Google PPC Account

To begin pay-per-click advertising, it helps to understand how a Google account is structured.

This may not be fully clear without also looking at your own PPC account in Google Adwords, so if you don’t have one yet, perhaps you should bookmark this post until you do.

This is the structure of a Google PPC account:



    Ad Group

      Ads and Keywords

First you open your account — this is the level where you set up your billing information and other administrative actions.

Then you create a campaign — this is where you create your groups of ads and keywords, or ad groups.

(NOTE: The ad group is probably the feature you’re least familiar with — learn about it here.)

Within the ad group, you write your ads and place your keywords — learn more about ads and keywords.

If you create your own Google PPC account, it doesn’t take long before you fully understand this structure.

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