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5 Basic Things Internet Marketers Should Know About HTML

Online marketing Redondo Beach : Knowing some basic HTML can be a powerful tool to an Internet Marketer. Here are five things that can help!


Using images on your webpage is a always a great way to illustrate your point and grab attention to what you are writing about. What we do need to keep in mind is the size and quality of the image. A nicer quality image would have a bigger file size, and take longer to load.
Rule of Thumb:

  1. GIF = Good for quick loading but at only 256 colors, the quality is very limited.
  2. JPG = Great for using for displaying photos at a reasonable file size but not so great for displaying text.
  3. PNG = Good for pictures with transparency and colorful graphics but the file size can be too big for web use.


It’s great to have links to different content but sometimes, we can forget to make a link “active” which can lead to a non-working link.

  • Good: <a href=www.milestoneseo.com/blog>MilestoneSEO Blog</a>
  • Bad: www.milestoneseo.com/blog

Here, the second example would not be clickable.


Having huge blocks of text may make a reader feel like they are reading boring documents. You want to stay away from this by separating your text into paragraphs and using <p> tags.

Titles and Headings

You want the readers to know what they are reading about by the use of headings and titles. Imagine trying to read a book that doesn’t have a title. You don’t know if the book you are about to read is “Moby Dick” or “Cooking Recipes”.
<h1> is the tag referring to the main Heading of your webpage
<h2> sub heading of your webpage
<h3>,<h4>, etc are used for less important headings

Unordered Lists and Ordered Lists

Using lists is a great way to organize your points.
a.    Unordered Lists: Used for bullet points
b.    Ordered Lists: Used for numbered lists

Example of Unordered List

  • First Item
  • Second Item
  • Third Item

Example of Ordered List

  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item

Knowledge is power!

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