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For Some Industries, Social Media Doesn’t Mean Anything!

Social media marketing West Covina :  Now that I have your attention, read the rest of this post for the full explanation….

Sure, having a lot of likes, followers, shares and retweets look good, and it is also an indication that people like your content and deem it worthy of sharing it with their friends. But, when nobody likes, shares or retweets your posts, does that really mean anything?

If your in the swimming pool industry, not really. Do you really think people want to share an article or blog post about “Fiberglass pool problems” ? Probably not. That doesn’t mean that article isn’t worth anything though. If that article is getting traffic, improving the performance of your website ranking and in some how or someway leading to happy customers, it is definitely worth more than a like or retweet. Not all content is share-worthy, but that doesn’t mean its worthless.

However, if you are an aspiring music artist and nobody likes, shares, or re-tweets your posts, you might want to start thinking of a new career.

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