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Tip Tuesday: SEO Tips for your Business Facebook Page : Increase Search Engine Exposure Today

1 .Use your Business’s Real Name, as presented in the offline world, for the title of your Facebook Page.

Although you may be highly tempted to use a title, rich in keywords specific to your industry, using the actual name of your business will gain you better SEO results over time. Fans will be more likely to trust your Company if the title of your Facebook Page is authentic ; eventually these fans can and hopefully WILL become loyal customers—which is more valuable for your company in the long run. Beware. If your Facebook Page name is too generic, I.E. Restaurant (versus Mile’s Pizzeria), Facebook will disable updates, rendering your Facebook Page incapable of outreaching to potential customers. The goal of Facebook Pages is to represent a legitimate business, celebrity, or organization. Facebook, as well as your target audience, needs to be reassured that you are who you say you are! Once you have the title of your Facebook Page—do not, I repeat, DO NOT alter your Facebook Page name whatsoever!!! Name changes will negatively affect the amazing SEO points you gained for your website when you first created a Facebook Page for your business. Next time you need to create a Facebook Page, just ask yourself, what would Google do?

2. Make the “About” text box at the top of your page rich in keywords.

The “About” text box underneath the profile picture is the perfect place for you to load up on keywords related to your industry, and your business. Think about it this way, you only have 100 words to convince a potential customer to like your business page on Facebook, what would you say? The “About” text box is more important than you think; this is the only area that is easily visible by a user at all times whenever they visit your Facebook Page.

3. Use the “Info” Tab wisely.

The “Info” tab is a great place to list your location, hours, and a thorough business description; the “Info” tab is vital to increase your exposure specific to the area where you perform services or sell a product. A listed business location will appear in local searches; a detailed business overview will appear in product searches. It is also important to list any websites pertinent to your company on your “Info” Tab to directly link users to your website or other websites that sell your products or services.

Need more info? Tune into my next post : SEO Tips for your Facebook Page Part Two! 🙂

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