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Why Twitter and Facebook?

One of the greatest advantages of Twitter for business is the ability to send their followers direct, to the point messages that promote their services or products in real-time. Businesses can use Twitter to advertise a daily deal, provide links to their website, photos, videos etc. The Tweet appears almost instantaneously on their Followers’ homepages and allows businesses to interact with their customers on an individual basis. Another benefit of Twitter for companies is the ability to quickly respond to and address a negative customer experience. Most of the time, a customer initially tweets and mentions a business before ranting on another site. At this point, the business still has the power to rectify the situation, retain that customer and a positive image of their company.

Similar to Twitter, Facebook allows businesses to promote themselves to thousands of people and potential customers through special deals, offers, and more. The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Facebook is more detailed; businesses can permanently upload videos, reviews, articles and press releases. Facebook enables businesses to maintain an interactive dialogue between their company and clients. Besides setting up a local page with company information, Facebook allows for applications and sponsored advertisements that further increase the visibility of businesses online.

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