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Tip Tuesday: Submit Sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Quick tips!! If you have not submitted your sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!… I urge you to do so! 1. Google Webmaster Tool 2. Yahoo! Site Explorer 3. Bing Webmaster Tool Next week:  I will explain why sitemap submission is... 

Are Your Links Optimized Correctly on Your Web Site?

When SEO began to gain attention as a valuable tool in online marketing, there were many techniques used to establish strong search engine positions that just don’t fly today. One example is how you build the links on your web site. An old SEO trick when optimizing your interior links... 

Tip Tuesday: Clean URLs

Quick facts: Dirty URLs aren’t just ugly, but search engines will give slightly less relevance to those pages. Clean URLs are attractive, but most importantly – rank higher on search engines! The following is an example of a clean URL in action: Ugly URL: www.example.com?servicearea=Northridge&State=CA&ID=3&return=true Clean URL: www.example.com/Northridge “B” will... 

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