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Improve Your SEO with Unique Content

Just like when broadcasting was invented, the internet is a new medium for people to distribute and deliver information to the masses. And just like you don’t really want to watch the same shows over and over again, nobody on the internet wants to read the same articles over and... 

Tip Tuesday: the Importance of Sitemap

  Happy belated 4th of July everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend with your families and friends. In my last posting, I urged all of you to submit the sitemap to search engines. This time, I’d like to share with all of you the importance of sitemap and... 

Tip Tuesday: PPC Checklist

We have helped a lot of business owners that have started and managed their own PPC campaigns but did not know what went wrong. Quick tips to avoid these small mistakes: Check the negative keywords both ad group level and campaign level Make sure that you are not blocking any... 

Tip Tuesday: Flash Website and SEO

Flash for content is unacceptable.  Especially if your site is based around flash (navigation, buttons, content).  Flash is great as a go-to utility.  Such as playing videos, using as an enhanced file browser, and other specific functions.  The problem with using too much Flash is that search engines ignore it.... 

Tip Tuesday: Clean URLs

Quick facts: Dirty URLs aren’t just ugly, but search engines will give slightly less relevance to those pages. Clean URLs are attractive, but most importantly – rank higher on search engines! The following is an example of a clean URL in action: Ugly URL: www.example.com?servicearea=Northridge&State=CA&ID=3&return=true Clean URL: www.example.com/Northridge “B” will... 

Tip Tuesday: Image Optimization

Did you know that images larger than 300k (size) can affect how a user feels about your business? Search engines may even penalize slow loading pages. If your business happens to be in a very competitive category, your site will definitely need to be optimized for speed. This starts with... 

Tip Tuesday: Easy Tips to Become a Social Media Guru

Quick tips that I’d like to share with you!! Start a Company Blog & post new information regularly. Build a Facebook Local Page for your business & create special offers exclusive to Fans. Start a Twitter account for your Company; promote your website, and discounts. Make sure your website has... 

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