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The Worth of Organic SEO

Search engine Optimization (SEO) has gained a lot of ground in the past decade do to the fact that many businesses and web site owners are beginning to recognize the importance of it. I’ve had several conversations with people that were mind boggled as to why their great web site received little to no traffic at all. My first question is, “has your web site has any SEO implemented?” The looks on their faces are priceless.The majority of them skipped over SEO and went straight to PPC only to see that their small budget gained them no return on investment. If they had taken that same budget and put it towards proper SEO, they would have a totally different outcome.

Surprisingly, 70% of all links that search engine users click on are not the paid placement links at the top of the search engine results, it’s the organic results created by properly formed SEO. Only 25% of search engine users even bother to click on the paid listings. This means that companies should focus their efforts more on having an SEO or SEO company create strong organic listings preferably on the first page of the search results and in the top three since about 60% of all organic clicks are given to the top three organic results on the first page.

At one point, search engine users would go as far as the third page to review the results returned from their search engine search. Now 75% of all searchers will not venture past the first page. This means that your organic SEO not only has to be strong but hold enough quality to out do others who have optimized their sites for the same key term.

So when choosing an SEO company, make sure that they have a strong knowledge of organic SEO and don’t just concentrate on PPC campaigns. Though they are beneficial, if you don’t have the budget for it, you might as well throw your money in the trash.

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