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Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 2

Social Media Marketing Pasadena : This post is a continuation of Use Facebook Insights to Increase Your Fans – Part 1

On the Facebook insights tab, you can also see external referrers and Likes which will help you in broadening your fan base.

External referrers – If all you see is google on this page, you need to do some outreach! Reach out to blogs, twitter users, write press releases, submit articles, do anything to get backlinks pointing to your Facebook page. More traffic = more likes/fans!

Likes – This page is important because it tells you what days were good, and which days were bad. If you see a day where there are too many un-likes, go back on your timeline and see what may have caused those people to un-like your page. Do the same for days where you see a lot of likes for your fan page.

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